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Take action against President Obama

Dear Editor:

Obama is intelligent and knows what he is doing in attempting to fulfill the destiny of his ideology, although it is becoming more evident everyday that his ideology is alien to many, if not most Americans. Others in his administration are not intelligent, as evidenced by their performance, and do not understand their responsibility to Americans.

Obama’s strategy seems to be working well! In just a short time he has managed to spread the tentacles of federal government into almost everything in our lives. His is an effective strategy in that it makes it impossible for a reasoned person to effectively engage what any tentacle has in its grasp because of the furor caused by the multitude of others digging into our lives. We try to address the issues of one tentacle and the rest just keep the monster creeping across the United States.

However, it is time to focus on his Health Care and Cap and Trade tentacles before they strangle our families. Americans need to research how the Cap and Trade Bill that he is proposing will affect you and our economy. Americans also need to research how the Health Care Bill will affect costs, access to and the quality of health care for your family for generations to come.

Choose your own path of research and make informed decisions for your sake and that of your family. Once you have made your decisions contact your congressmen and senators and demand that they act and vote in your best interest. Be assured that they themselves would never settle for what Obama proposes for the rest of us and our families. Once they again pass legislation that they have not read and do not understand we will be stuck with it as we are with the ‘non’-stimulus bill.

Don’t be apathetically sitting dolefully or hopefully with your fingers crossed giving Obama a “Chance to Succeed,” if he succeeds to fulfill the destiny of his ideology then we Americans have failed. Take action and do something to improve this sorry situation!

Art Hougland

Glenwood Springs

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