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Take a stand

Dear Editor: I love my country. But I have lost confidence in our government. I don’t like: 1) fear and deceit used by our political leaders to manipulate us into serving private and corporate agendas at the expense of services for families, children and seniors; 2) unilateral war-making in a time that calls for strong, international peace alliances; 3) grossly heightened military spending and proliferation; 4) impoverished health care and education for American families; 5) disregard of environmental constraints and global treaties; 6) preferential economic treatment for wealthy citizens and select corporations; 7) erosion of constitutional guarantees of freedom.If you are concerned, too, let’s do something about it. Vote in the Aug. 10 primary election. We will make crucial decisions about how we create our future. We need to elect leaders with vision and regard for true democratic principles.Fortunately, we have a just such a candidate for U.S. Senate who listens to our concerns and responds to our needs. Mike Miles has the life experience, international policy-making experience and true desire to serve people like you and me who want a responsive voice in our democracy.A West Point grad with honors, Mike was an Army ranger officer specializing in counterterrorism. Later, with advanced degrees from U.C. Berkeley and Columbia in International Affairs, he worked for the State Department on vital projects relating to NATO, chemical weapons and German reunification. He served in the U.S. Embassy in Poland transitioning to democracy, and in Moscow during the fall of the Soviet Union. Now an educator, school principal and statewide instructor for school improvement, Mike also works for Human Relations Coalition and Citizens Project, promoting equal rights for all Coloradans.His presence speaks volumes for who he is and what he can do for Colorado and our nation. A couple of years ago, he began driving from small town to small town in Colorado, listening to people’s concerns. When you hear him speak, you’ll know what a thoughtful, articulate and passionate champion of true democracy he is. Check his progressive views on issues: http://www.mikemiles4senate.com. Take a stand! Dare to support someone who will stand up for you. Dare to get involved and find out more. Dare to make a difference – because you can.Annie FlynnCarbondale

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