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Take a stand for dignity’s sake

Dear Editor:

As an employee in Aspen, I left a New Year’s Eve party that I was working with a bad taste in my mouth. It’s sad when people of higher economic status believe they can treat people poorly just because they have money.

I witnessed a man speak condescendingly to every employee that was there to help him set up his party. What’s worse is these people seemed to accept it as the norm. I asked one man why he took being spoken to like that, and he just told me “that’s the way it is in Aspen.” I’d like to see a change. People should start standing up for themselves and realize that enduring personal humiliation is nowhere to be found in any job description.

I love working in Aspen, and most of the people I deal with are fantastic, but it’s the people who aren’t who make it frustrating to work here. People need to take a stand and let it be known that this kind of behavior is not accepted, nor will it be tolerated.

Corey Moon


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