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Tag ’em, please

Dear Editor:

Earlier this week I was at City Market in El Jebel getting into my car to leave. A beautiful yellow lab ran by me in the parking lot (right next to the highway), and I thought, “Well, I can go home and wonder what happened to this dog or I can try to go see if it has any tags.” So I drove around, called to the dog and she ran up to me ” no ID tags.

A couple of CM employees were there, so after a brief conversation I said that I would take her to the sheriff’s station but before I left I gave them my card in case the owner came looking for her. I met with an officer who explained to me that they don’t have facilities for stray dogs and she’s glad that I picked the dog up. Many times she’s had to tell owners, “I’m sorry your animal jumped out of your truck but he/she was hit by a vehicle on the highway.” I left her my card and decided to take this sweet dog home for the night (it was my home or an unattended kennel), and I figured that in the morning (it was 10 p.m.) I would call a vet and see if she was microchipped, put an ad in the paper, and perhaps flyers to get her to her owners. Fortunately when I got home, there was a message that someone was looking for their dog ” City Market had given them my card. She is now happily with her owners (who are just as nice as the dog!).

So, after that long description that ended on a good note, PLEASE put ID tags on your dogs, have them microchipped (my two dogs have both) and don’t just assume they’ll stay in the back of your truck at the grocery store right next to the highway. This couple said, “She always stays back there.” I don’t want anyone to lose a dog by having them found on Highway 82.

Molly Peterson



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