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Tackling traffic woes

Dear Editor: Regarding the front-page article on long delays at the intersection of 133 and 82 (“Aspen’s not alone: Carbondale also facing traffic jams,” Aug. 14), there is at least one significant cause that was left out: the thoughtless (mindless?) driving habits of people traveling from Carbondale to Glenwood.The other afternoon, at rush hour, I spent some time enjoying the view from the three-pole vantage point on Red Hill. During that time, I observed the light change about five times. In no case were there more than three vehicles in the right-hand left-turn lane from 133 onto 82 when the light was red (there is room for five to seven vehicles depending on size), and virtually no one took advantage of the right lane once traffic started to move.Said differently, it still is a one-lane left-turn situation. If people took advantage of the right lane as was intended, the traffic, which is admittedly worse than it was, and aggravated by the CRMS bridge closure, would move significantly faster than it does.John CampbellCarbondale