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Tackling global warming

Dear Editor:

As people who live in the world, we know that global warming is harming our Earth. This is a serious situation which needs to be handled with seriousness and a desire by the people to live in a world that does not have problems such as the ones created by this growing civilization. Other communities are attempting to solve the problem by making community gardens. We feel a Basalt Community Garden would help our community address this issue.

I am a student at Basalt High School and with my group, we are addressing the issue of global warming while working on our Project Citizen assignment. We feel that global warming can be reduced, one step at a time, and that whatever we do to reduce our carbon footprint will make an impact. In our situation, we looked into the problem of food transportation, and the effects it has on our environment and our health. Food transportation vehicles produce tremendous amounts of carbon emissions in the air, which in turn, are harmful to our Earth. Also, there is high risk of food contamination during the process.

As we have worked together, we have come up with an idea that we think will help this problem in the long run. Our solution to this problem is a community garden in the town of Basalt. A community garden would help the local people bond, at the same time decreasing the amount of semi-truck traffic coming into the valley. A garden would also mean that healthier food would be available, and this would help the general health of our bodies by eating the organic food that our community would grow.

It is very common in this valley for people to be more eco-friendly and wanting to do anything they can to help our environment and their health. Here is a great opportunity to help maintain a healthy planet, maintain a healthy body and last but not least, have time to bond with the people in your own community.

We would need all the support and willingness that we can get from the members in this community. We want to keep our community looking nice and live in a healthy environment.

Sarah Janckila

Student, Basalt High School

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