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T.R.E.E. for all

Dear Editor:

I don’t know about you, but there are very few people/organizations I know that would go through the tremendous effort and expense to put on a free holiday meal for the community such as Aspen T.R.E.E. has done and is going to do.

From 5-8 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 22, at Aspen High School, Eden Vardy and his team at Aspen T.R.E.E. will be feeding the masses for free as a way to say thanks to the community and to honor our local farmers for producing local, organic food.

This is a first-come, first-serve event!

If you are interested in helping out please contact Ms. Noga Vardy at (970) 618-4944 and please support the cause.

What does Aspen T.R.E.E. mean? Together Regenerating the Environment Through Education. These guys are doing some great stuff to make our community more sustainable. T.R.E.E.’s mission is to support and encourage creative, sustainable and regenerative education and living practices in the Roaring Fork Valley and beyond through practical demonstration. And their vision is to make Aspen a model “sustainable/regenerative” community, and support others in doing the same.

Between all of the good work of ACES educating kids and adults about the environment and T.R.E.E. working to create a better place for all of us, I am happy to live here where people care and do their part.

I won’t be able to make the meal this year, but I think this type of community service is what yoga and karma and all religions of the world are really all about and it is something we should embrace!

Thanks, T.R.E.E.

Gina Murdock