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T.L.R.: Episode 2

Allyn Harvey

When we left off yesterday, readers near and far were grinning madly after a long run ” The Longest Run ” down Ajax.

That first, exciting episode of The Longest Run took skiers and snowboarders from top to bottom, right to left, down steeps, through moguls and through the trees.

Now, in Episode 2, we find ourselves on Aspen Highlands, the “frig-you” generation’s mountain, where the trail map says the longest run is 3.5 miles. That’s about 16 percent longer than what’s considered the longest official run on Aspen Mountain.

The intrepid star of The Longest Run, Roger, begins his quest to snowboard the longest run on Highlands at the top of the Loge Peak lift, but not before first stopping in to exchange niceties with Mac Smith, director of the Highlands ski patrol.

Roger jumps on board the cat that takes him on a two-minute ride up to the main gate to Highland Bowl. Then he hikes the ridge to the top, which, given our star’s outdoorsy good looks, takes only 25 minutes. (For those less local, the same hike would take about 35 minutes.)

The run begins with Ozone, the chute that falls directly off the top of Highland Peak. After carving his way down one of the finest inbounds, double-black-diamond runs in the entire world, our hero cuts on to the Grand Traverse, the extreme catwalk that takes him past the Y Zones, Temerity and Steeplechase before spitting him out on Wine Ridge.

From there, Roger, only a little jarred from the bumpy traverse, continues across the mountain until he reaches the Moment Chutes, which drop him onto the lower third of Robinson’s Run, which leaves him on Park Avenue, his first green-circle run in two days.

Roger hangs a left off Park Avenue onto Lower Stein, then sidesteps out, only a little worse for wear, to Jerome Bowl and skis down to the bottom of Exhibition lift.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s episode: “Buttermilk Extreme.”


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