Sympathy is lost |

Sympathy is lost

To: Editor

From: Suszn Pizzini, West Grove, Pa.

Re: Tony Vagneur column

Mr. Vagneur’s attempt at getting sympathy for horse slaughter (Nov. 17, The Aspen Times) is lost on me.

I support the legislation to end horse slaughter in America. Furthermore, I resent his phony plea for a dying man who exploited horses for most of his life and got away with it and made no provisions for them at his end of life. There were options for him to find safe haven if he truly loved these horses but he waited and did nothing.

Yet the man takes the time to pick out his own coffin and pities himself while the horses pay the ultimate price for his neglect … again. This so-called horseman should not rest in peace, this fictitious horseman has been a poor steward of these fictitious horses. It sounds like he’s probably a horseman that sent his horses to the slaughterhouse whenever they were inconvenient. Poor guy, now he can’t even get the last $300 previously known as 30 pieces of silver for the betrayer.

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