Sympathies for pro-Israel Jews |

Sympathies for pro-Israel Jews

Dear Editor:

What a tragedy that Israel, a nation whose religious and cultural traditions are dedicated to ethics, justice and human rights, has compromised Judaic principles by committing war crimes. The Israeli military is facing investigation and possible prosecution for atrocities committed against the people of Gaza, including the use of illegal chemical weapons that cause human flesh to burn to the bone.

It has now become pitifully apparent to the whole world that Israel’s intention is not peace, but ethnic cleansing and land appropriation. In addition to their “disproportionate” (as defined by International Law) use of force in Gaza, a recent 60 Minutes program exposed Israel’s illegal and unethical techniques for removing the indigenous population from the West Bank, with the admitted goal of preventing the creation of a Palestinian state. Then there was the news report revealing a 60 percent increase in illegal Jewish settlements in the Palestinian West Bank during 2008, which Israel’s Defense Ministry tried to conceal, “fearing the data could hurt the country’s international relations.”

In its desire to confiscate all of the area that was set aside in the 1947 U.N. Partition Plan as a homeland for the Palestinian people, Israel has sacrificed its moral authority by stealing, lying, concealing crimes, depriving people of their basic human needs and rights, and massacring civilians in Lebanon and Gaza. In so doing, they have lowered themselves to the level of thieves and terrorists, and violated the Golden Rule of Jewish ethics; “What is hateful to you, do not do to your neighbor,” ” Talmud, Shabbat 31a.

How tragic that because of their government’s actions, Israeli civilians are more at risk of becoming victims of terrorism. How frightening that because of Israel’s unethical behavior, anti-Semitism has increased throughout the world. How embarrassing it must be for Israeli citizens having to justify their nation’s crimes in the name of security for Jews, at the expense of Arab children’s lives.

My sympathies go out to all Israelis and to pro-Israel Jews the world over, for the daunting task they have in reconciling their conscience with the attempt to defend Israel’s indefensible conduct.


Sue Gray


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