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SWMs need Q-tips

Dear Editor:Mr. Morgan and Mr. Schaffer have apparently taken my advice to “go soak,” but now need to clean their ears out and wake up before someone calls them stupid white men.I wrote a simple letter to the editor (The Aspen Times, Sept. 22) about a friend observing Karl Rove at the Forstmann & Little gathering in Aspen recently, and declaring a few of many offenses by the current president of the United States. Yes, this was a political letter.That Mr. Morgan and now Mr. Schaffer answer my letter with yelping about whether I myself am left or right of center should be noticed to be a sad way of either not hearing the question or of avoiding an answer with regard to honesty from the Bush/Cheney administration, now nominating yet another “corporatist,” Ms. Miers, to “balance” the scales of justice.2001 celebrated the 250th anniversary of the birth of James Madison, the fourth president of the United States and a principal architect of the U.S. Constitution.I have been writing about how government should govern, not about how business strategies succeed. Mr. Morgan and Mr. Schaffer seem to confuse, like many SWM (see Michael Moore’s book – especially about Ken Lay and the Bush family), that the government should be run like a corporation vs. an organization with altruistic societal goals. This is precisely the problem with SWM – America’s success in business is not the same as successful governance.To quote James Madison, “It is of great importance in a republic not only to guard the society against the oppression of its rulers but to guard one part of the society against the injustice of the other part. If a majority be unified by a common interest (or belief), the rights of the minority will be insecure.”This is one of the major threats of the current corporatists and of the righteous right wing, that they feel free to trample on the rights of others for supposed moral high ground, while lying to the public about weapons of mass destruction, corporate welfare, and launching a pre-emptive war in order to enrich their friends through support of policies encouraging war profiteering, which include the first Bush administration’s appointment of Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz, both signatories of a pledge to support military unilateralsim (Project for a New American Century, 1990).War for profit is stepping over the line of reasonable behavior in business or in government.Sven AlstromLawrence, Kan. and Aspen

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