Swiss not neutral on fluoride |

Swiss not neutral on fluoride

Dear Editor:

Last year I visited the water department in Zurich, Switzerland. I asked the man in charge if it’s true that Europe has banned the use of fluoride. He responded that Europe has as many crazies who think the government wants to kill them as America does. But “no” is the answer, despite their haranguing. He said it depends on the area; some areas have good naturally occurring fluoride, and so no fluoride is added, while other areas have poor fluoride content, so then it is added.

He also told me to stop by the grocery store and read the labels on the various bottles of drinking water, and, yup, fluoride was in almost all of them. We don’t need to list mineral content here unless it’s considered more than “trace.” So chances are that pure water you are drinking now has fluoride in it. San Pellegrino has fluoride in their list of contents. And table salt has fluoride added to its contents in Europe.

I noticed that in Europe you can buy fluoride tablets for your children. They are located under the cash register, where our stores sell candy. But if you want most vitamins or supplements, you must ask the pharmacist, as they are kept behind the counter, and the pharmacist will ask you what else you take because combining some drugs, vitamins or supplements can be dangerous.

By the way, I know a girl who went to great lengths to keep fluoride out of her body. She had a baby not too long ago, and, at 9 months, the baby has brown teeth. The doctor says the child is not forming enamel.

Easy decision for me.

Donna Thompson


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