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Sweet dreams

Allyn Harvey

“Sweet dreams on a blustery, early-season Thursday” (or “All the things I wished for yesterday that didn’t come true”):Walking around the office all morning wearing my ski pants, hoping beyond hope that I’ll get away for an hour or two to make some turns.That I really live and work in Sun Valley, where the storm that gave us an inch or two dumped 33 honkin’ inches.That I really don’t live in Sun Valley, and that all that snow came here instead.That the Skico again bans boarders from Ajax, just to hear them cry.That Before (aka B4) on Highland Bowl is open tomorrow. Short of G8, it’s my favorite run on the hill.That I’m suddenly in late-season instead of early-season shape, making the considerable distance between B4 and G8 irrelevant. That the Bell Mountain chair on Aspen Mountain is open all day, every day, allowing access to every single inch of the greatest skiing on the face of the earth.That all the tourons cancel their Christmas plans in Aspen, allowing The Gant to close down and me to make a few turns with my buddy Lex.That I’ll actually have at least one decent run down Aztec this season. I don’t think I’ve had one since the late 1970s.That Utah doesn’t exist.That the Endeavor at Highlands stops trying to be all things (“Beer with your coffee?”) to all people.That we all take a breath, stop thinking about how much money we could or are going to make, remember to appreciate the beauty of this place on one of the grayest, most drab days of the early season, and just be grateful.