SVRA’s days should be numbered |

SVRA’s days should be numbered

Notwithstanding the fact that the new Snowmass Village Marketing and Special Events Board, along with the approval and backing of the Town Council, agreed to reimburse the new additional tax on lodging for all those who fully prepaid their accounts by Dec. 1, thereby averting a customer and public relations nightmare, we are outraged that the Snowmass Village Resort Association has not stepped forward to contribute a portion of the tax refunds that will be made to our guests this season.

With respect to all of the lodging properties in the deed-restricted area of the west village, 100 percent of the additional tax to our guests is attributable to the SVRA’s last-minute surprise increase in its civic assessment on lodging.

This increase occurred because the SVRA has not been able to collect a substantial portion of its conference center fees from the lodging properties that book accommodations for conferences at the center.

In order to ensure collection of its conference center fees, the SVRA has shifted the burden of paying these fees from the lodging properties that benefit directly from conference center bookings to 100 percent of our guests in the deed-restricted area of the west village, even though the vast majority of these people are not here to attend a conference at the center.

If this sounds crazy to you, you’re not alone. The SVRA has a long and clouded history of taking advantage of just about everyone in this community in order to continue its questionable existence.

Fortunately, the damage they can do has been reduced substantially now that they are out of the reservations business and the marketing of Snowmass Village. However, they are still managing the conference center and handling group sales, and thus their ability to levy tax-like assessments continues in the village without a vote from its members or the community.

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As we come closer to the finalization of plans for the new Base Village, now is the time to rethink the necessity of this organization and to begin its liquidation and transferring its assets and remaining functions to a more efficient and credible group.

Let the dialogue and action begin.

Mel D. Blumenthal

Enclave Homeowners Association

Snowmass Village

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