Sven got the facts wrong |

Sven got the facts wrong

Dear Editor:Sven Alstrom’s letter on Aug. 8 complains that I ” … omit many facts.” What I may indeed be accused of omitting are erroneous allegations of propagandists who have an agenda – an anti-Israel agenda.U.S. aid to Israel is entirely justified by the political, military, scientific and diplomatic support extended by Israel to the freedom mission and ethical values of the United States. For example, no other country in the history of the United Nations votes more consistently with the United States. Let me address Sven’s fantasy “facts.”- U.S. aid to Israel is not $12 billion for 2005. It is far lower. And, it is not much greater than the billions in foreign aid to Egypt. Egypt is nominally an ally of the United States, but it works behind the scenes to undermine the mission and values of the United States. Many of the most vicious terrorists come from Egypt – the assassins of President Anwar Sadat and the 9/11 ringleader, Mohammed Atta. Egypt is ground zero for the extremist teachings of the Muslim Brotherhood which has morphed into the terrorist cells in Europe (including Madrid and London) and terrorist groups such as Hamas.- Bush/Cheney is not a “regime” but the administrative branch of a duly elected government. “Regime” is a pejorative word used to describe totalitarian governments. – Rachel Corrie was not “killed.” She died in a tragic accident because she foolishly placed herself in harm’s way. She stood in the path of a moving bulldozer. She was out of sight of the operator … because the driver’s cab has small windows that limit vision (to protect against sniper’s bullets).- Rachel Corrie’s body was not dismembered. Dismemberment is the modus operandi of the Iraqi terrorists who kidnap, videotape and then behead those they oppose – including fellow Muslims.- International Solidarity Movement is not a “peace-seeking organization.” It is a front for radical Palestinians who have found common cause with left-wing radical Americans – especially uninformed college students. They support the destruction of the state of Israel; they do not support a two-state solution. Further, ISM regularly has counseled some of its most ardent members how to give aid and support to Palestinian terrorist groups in the West Bank. They have smuggled British nationals into Israel to assist in terrorist bombings and smuggled weapons into Ramallah to aid terrorists who fled Israel seeking asylum after planning and executing terrorist missions.- The incident of the U.S. Liberty was a case of friendly fire in a war zone, not unlike the tragic American attack on a group of Canadian soldiers a few months ago in a war zone. Mistakes unfortunately occur in war zones.- The U.S. Liberty incident was not a “war crime.” No such accusation was ever lodged by the U.S. government or military. Pure bunk.And, how can we trust the accuracy of anything that Sven asserts when he cannot even get the spelling of my name correct? David KudishChicago

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