Suspended or not? |

Suspended or not?

Dear Editor:

I learned recently that the chief of police, who is on suspension pending an investigation, is still driving his city-owned police vehicle around town looking for an attorney to represent him. Why is he still driving his city vehicle, which is for official use only, for his own private business? It seems like with him getting paid and with free use of a city vehicle, the only thing he is not doing is actually working. Is this man under suspension or not? If he is suspended, then the city-owned car should be parked at the police department, not roving around all over town being used for private purposes, at the expense of the taxpayers of the city. Do you think that he fills the tank with his own money at the local pump?

It seems to me that there should be something in the personnel rules and regulations against using city owned property for private use.

Jim Weber


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