Suspect in heroin ring reportedly in hospital after overdose |

Suspect in heroin ring reportedly in hospital after overdose

John Colson

A Carbondale woman who was arrested last fall on heroin distribution charges reportedly has been hospitalized following a drug overdose.Meanwhile, the case against her is proceeding, although deputy district attorney Scott Turner on Wednesday said he had not received official notice that the defendant is in the hospital.The defendant, Chesley Anne Seldeen, 38, was arrested in October as part of a months-long drug probe by the Two Rivers Drug Enforcement Team. She was arrested with another individual, Shanti Waldrop, 33, and both were charged with possession of heroin with intent to distribute and with illegal use of heroin.Seldeen and Waldrop were two of six people TRIDENT said bought heroin in Denver and brought it back to the Roaring Fork Valley to use and distribute.TRIDENT agents were watching when Seldeen and Waldrop returned from an alleged buying trip to Denver in early October and reportedly stopped the pair for a traffic violation. Authorities said Seldeen showed signs of driving while under the influence of drugs and that they found heroin in her pocket when she was searched.Both defendants had appeared in court, and the district attorney’s office said it was linking their cases together.According to Seldeen’s attorney, his client, who worked as a waitress at the Woody Creek Tavern, was hospitalized at St. Mary’s in Grand Junction or about Feb. 9, and reportedly is in intensive care with very little evidence of brain activity.”I don’t know anything for sure,” the attorney, John VanNess, said this week. He said he got a telephone call last week form an unnamed woman who told him Seldeen had overdosed.He has not heard anything since, VanNess said, beyond subsequent calls from the unnamed woman to report that Seldeen’s condition has not improved.VanNess said he believes Seldeen’s father is in Colorado attending to her interests, but he had not heard from the father, either, as of Wednesday.Until he hears otherwise, Turner said, the case against Seldeen will proceed alongside the case against Waldrop.”I expect her to be in court on March 23,” he said Wednesday.He said he has sent plea bargain offers to both defendants in the case, although he declined to give details.Attempts to contact Waldrop’s attorney, Kathy Goudy, were unsuccessful Wednesday.A spokeswoman at St. Mary’s Hospital said she could neither confirm nor deny that Seldeen is a patient there. The county coroner’s offices in Mesa and Garfield counties reported that they had received no indication that Seldeen had died.A bartender at the Woody Creek Tavern confirmed that, as far as her co-workers know, Seldeen remains in intensive care.John Colson’s e-mail address is