Surviving cancer: Mary Moyer |

Surviving cancer: Mary Moyer

Cancer survivor Mary Moyer with 12-year-old son, Bobby. (Mark Fox/Aspen TImes Weekly)

Faced with a difficult diagnosis, Mary Moyer of Aspen says: “You can either take the news and bury yourself in sorrow and despair, or make the best of it.”It was one year ago when Moyer finished chemotherapy for breast cancer. She knew the founder of the Cancer Survivor Center, Riggs Klika, as her son’s ski racing coach, and when she heard about his new approach to cancer recovery, she said “Sign me up.”

After initial testing, she learned interval training and heart work from Klika, and started a regimen of biking and hiking.”I feel better than ever,” said the mother of two. “I know I’m much stronger today.””I had great doctors and lots of family support,” said Moyer. “And as bad as it got through chemotherapy, I felt grateful. I didn’t do it alone.”Moyer has rearranged her priorities since treatment. “Being with family and my kids is most important now,” she said. “All the little stuff that used to get to me just doesn’t get to me anymore.”

Moyer will cycle in the upcoming Ride for the Cure. She learned to surf on a recent family trip to Hawaii. And between her two kids, Bobby (12) and Kate (14), and their young golden retriever Tilly, life keeps her hopping.Bobby Moyer surprised his mom this year by making a bold phone call. Bobby is an alpine racer who does every discipline except downhill. (“It’s an age-restriction thing,” he says.) He bikes and hikes and has a golf handicap of 6.After meeting Bode Miller during the World Cup races at Beaver Creek, Bobby called Miller and asked if he wanted to help raise money for the Cancer Survivor Center.”He jumped right in,” said Bobby, and the two will play in the same foursome in the Center’s Sept. 16 benefit tournament.

What was it like taking a run down Beaver Creak with Miller?”He’s fast,” said Bobby with a smile, “and he doesn’t make many turns. But I was right on his tail.”Bobby looks forward to testing Miller’s mettle on the links.”I had no idea he had called,” said a surprised Mary Moyer. “Bobby’s been following Bode for years. I was pretty impressed that he put that together. I am very lucky.” Charles Agar