Survey Results and new questions |

Survey Results and new questions

The Entrance to Aspen is on the radar again. What’s the answer?

  • The kink called the “S” needs to be straightened. Simple as that. (30%, 168 Votes)
  • The problem lies with “entrance.” There need to be several. (29%, 166 Votes)
  • Simply a symptom of ineffective public transportation. Why make it easy for cars? (17%, 97 Votes)
  • Don’t let ‘em fool you. That bridge has at least two decades of life left. (13%, 71 Votes)
  • CDOT sure enough will solve it if we don’t. (12%, 66 Votes)

Total Voters: 568

What to do about the housing crisis, in a sentence?

  • Aspen is hardly alone, and APCHA has shown the best way over time. Double down.
  • APCHA’s time has come and gone. End the program.
  • Housing affordability and labor shortages will always be a part of life here.
  • We need more affordable housing, period. So build it already.
  • Stop or seriously limit short-term rentals. That’s the real problem now.