Survey for Sept. 18th 2023


In honor of primatologist Jane Goodall’s return to Aspen on Monday, Sept. 11, what Colorado wildlife brings you the most joy to safely see in person?

Bald Eagle. This is the ultimate symbol of the spirit of the West. (26%, 141 Votes)

Black Bear. Despite the challenges for locals, I couldn’t imagine co-existing without them. (19%, 104 Votes)

Elk. Seeing their herds on McLain Flats Road is the best part of my commute. (16%, 89 Votes)

Mountain Lion. The top feline around, it’s pure thrill if you’re lucky enough to see one. (14%, 76 Votes)

Moose. No trip to the Maroon Bells is complete without one encounter. (13%, 70 Votes)

Bighorn Sheep. Their ability to traverse the highest peaks will make any mountaineer jealous. (12%, 65 Votes)

Total Voters: 545


Q: What do you think of Skico re-naming the Pandora’s expansion on Aspen Mountain, “Hero’s”?

A: I love it. Aspen’s past heroes deserve to be honored in this way.

A: I hate it. It is, and will always be, Pandora’s in my mind.

A: It’s fine, but there are better options.

A: Who cares about the name? I’m just psyched to shred the new terrain.

A: I was against the expansion to begin with, so the name doesn’t matter to me.


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