Surls museum a boon for Cardondale

Dear Editor:

The town of Carbondale soon will be considering an opportunity for a new and exciting use for the old Gordon Cooper Library as the James Surls Art Museum.

To imagine that Carbondale soon might be the home of an art museum that celebrates the work of Surls makes me proud of our town and where we are headed. I was first introduced to Surls’ work a few years ago at Anderson Ranch. Upon seeing it for the first time, I was immediately intrigued.

When I see the sculptures and sketches Surls has created, they provoke an appreciation of organic beauty and trigger contemplation of the rational patterns and shapes found in the world around us. The connection I found with Surls’ work might be why his collection has become internationally celebrated. The thought that much of this recent work stems from local inspiration makes me proud of our beautiful surroundings and anxious to bring this artwork into our community for permanent display.

To benefit the cultural growth of our community, as well as strengthen our local economy, I hope the town embraces this opportunity. It is exciting to think this can be accomplished in true Carbondale fashion by reusing a soon-to-be-vacant public building. This reuse idea is environmentally responsible and the smart thing to do. I hope the community agrees that this kind of cultural beacon would enliven downtown business and allow our community to thrive.

Here’s to inspirational artwork and the town I love joining forces for a bright future.

Ramsey Fulton



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