Surgeon supports 5A, 5B |

Surgeon supports 5A, 5B

Dear Editor:

I really do enjoy having an office in Aspen. I can easily walk to the Post Office, Carl’s, Clark’s, Ace Hardware, the Miner’s building, restaurants, my bank and business associates’ offices. These amenities make my life comfortable.

However, it is not about me.

The care of the sick and injured often calls me away from my office and patients I am seeing in the office. An urgent trip down Main Street to AVH is not always expeditious.

For my patients, the best location for my practice would be at Aspen Valley Hospital. I could see office patients there and conveniently refer them various tests. I could check on a hospitalized or Emergency Room patient without a 20-30 minute round trip. There would be no delay in getting to the or if I was urgently needed. I could potentially refer a patient to another “in house specialist.” It’s about the patients and the benefits of a medical campus!

We have struggled with an undersized hospital since I arrived in 1993. I have watched as the hospital has made many adaptations with its limited options to continue to provide the highest quality care, but we are out of space options and we are outdated. It is time to bring our hospital into the 21st century.

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Please help our patients by supporting this sensible building plan for a right-sized and updated hospital.

Vote for 5A and 5B.

William J. Rodman, M.D., FACS


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