Supporting Hidden Gems |

Supporting Hidden Gems

Dear Editor:

We are so fortunate to the wilderness proposal being initiated from within our local area by the Wilderness Workshop. Their Hidden Gems concept and effort is one that we should all support.

The foresight, vision, and courage we exhibit now will be our legacy for the future. The general sense of entitlement expressed by the many interest groups to indulge themselves and exploit our diminishing natural habitat at the expense of wild places and wild things must be rejected.

The Crystal River Valley could benefit from wilderness areas being extended down to the east bank of the Crystal River in the Avalanche Creek vicinity. Six to 7 miles on the east side of this area has been closed and isolated during our lifetimes and should remain so into the future. The Hidden Gems proposal makes us take stock of what is truly irreplaceable and allows us to curb our inclinations of greed and instant self-gratification.

William and Peggy Hanks


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