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Supporting Fletcher

Dear Editor:

I rise in support of the friendly and welcoming tone that has been established at the Aspen Music Festival and School (AMFS) events by Alan Fletcher, the Music Festival CEO. I was disappointed to read two recent letters leveling criticism at the CEO for his introductory remarks at concerts and interaction with patrons.

Having a CEO of any organization who is visible, approachable, responsive and accountable is the gold standard of organizational design, in my opinion, and Alan is all of these. I’d rather have the Music Festival CEO sharing his music expertise and mingling with the crowd than hiding behind the stage, fearful that someone might growl at him.

Our exposure to AMFS in the last few seasons goes beyond the performances and includes housing students, attending small events on campus and all manner of interactions with students, faculty and staff. We always experienced the same welcoming tone, courteous staff and appreciative students. Congratulations to all who make the Aspen Music Festival and School so fabulous.

Pete Louras


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