Support Whitsitt’s integrity |

Support Whitsitt’s integrity

Dear Editor:

Support Jacque Whitsitt for Basalt Town Council.

I’ve known Jacque Whitsitt for more than 10 years, and I also sat on Town Council with her for two years. Jacque will find a way to get affordable housing in our town limits. She will maintain the intent of our urban growth boundary to prevent sprawl while allowing the right kind of development inside the urban core. This will support our children’s future without spoiling it with sprawl, traffic and pollution.

She will respect the resident-created master plan and uphold two of its top priorities: Maintain Basalt’s small-town character and preserve the rural buffer around the town.

She also might be the only candidate with enough regional intergovernmental influence and experience to solve problems that extend beyond the boundaries of Basalt. While Jacque is knowledgeable in all areas of land-use, more than anything, Jacque has the utmost integrity.

I will be voting for Jacque on April 1. I hope you will do the same.

Chris Lane



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