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Support this new lodge

Dear Editor:I would like to ask all business owners in downtown Aspen to join me in support of the approval for the Lodge at Aspen Mountain. As a business owner, I believe our town very much needs a project like this that will add more hotel rooms (and replace lost ones). With ongoing increases in costs such as minimum wage and rent, we will not continue to survive on the current number of hotel beds in Aspen. Projects of this nature will be sure to bring in the necessary additional visitors we need in order to continue to stay in business. The Lodge at Aspen Mountain will certainly attract and bring in the additional (first class) visitors we need to eat at your restaurants, shop in your boutiques and use your services. Since we have not had a new hotel in 20 years, I’m sure you will agree we need this badly.I understand the City Council members have made the distinction that Aspen is a community first and a resort second. Isn’t the “resort” one of the most important aspects of this community? The City Council members also said they want to focus on helping “locally serving businesses” remain successful. Most businesses serve locals AND visitors … and we would not survive on just the support of locals. We need this hotel now. More hot beds equals more vitality and more business.So, let’s urge the City Council members to move ahead and approve the Lodge at Aspen Mountain. As a business owner and a member of the community, I strongly believe this development will benefit us all in many ways. It’s located in an area at the base of Aspen Mountain that needs and deserves improvement, and would only make our mountain a better and more convenient place to ski for locals and visitors alike.P.S.: In regard to the Council’s concern about the lack of employee housing … in my experience, I have found that most residents of the Roaring Fork Valley have two to three jobs. A majority of the future employees of this hotel will most likely be current residents of the Roaring Fork Valley seeking an additional job to supplement their income, or switching jobs to earn a better income. Therefore, if approved, this project will create great jobs and give many locals another opportunity to earn a living and STAY in Aspen.Lisa HatemAspen