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Dear Editor:

In 2002, Doug Valley died of alcohol-related cirrhosis of the liver. In 2003 The Right Door was created, too late to help Doug. In 2003, my slide down the alcohol abuse tunnel began. How fortunate I was that when the dark night of the soul enveloped me three years later, The Right Door was there.

In the journey back, The Right Door was always there. To this day it still astonishes me to recall Brad Osborn, creator of The Right Door, saying, “We never gave up on you, Lynne.”

The betrayals, grief and loss were so overwhelming that I had given up on myself. I have come to know that it takes a village to heal the wounds of substance abuse, but you have to start somewhere. The Right Door was my somewhere. Walk through that Right Door by supporting its invaluable service to this community. Support the Small Miracles Benefit at Valley Fine Art.

Lynne Pfrimmer Mace


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