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Support the library

Dear Editor:Everyone who lives in the Basalt Regional Library District should vote yes on 4A to increase the library district’s levy a modest 1.14 mills. If you own a house assessed at $300,000, you would pay an extra $27.22 a year. (Please note that for most houses the assessed value is less than the price the house would bring if sold.)The library has not asked for an increase since 1980. Now it is asking for less than it would cost a homeowner to buy a single hard-cover book. Without this money, the library would have to close two additional days a week and would be unable to adequately maintain its collection. With the increase the library will be able to stay open six days a week; buy more books, videos, DVDs, CDs and talking books; update and expand its computer equipment; and establish new programs and services.The library is an essential part of our community. We need to support it on Nov. 2.Anne FreedmanBasalt

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