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Support the Aspen Club

Dear Editor:In regards to the Aspen Club expansion, I would like to make a few comments. First, the Club is not a failing business. On the contrary, it is a business that is growing and needs to expand to the next level as well as stay viable with increased competition from new spas (at the St. Regis and The Viceroy) and ARC upgrades. All businesses must grow and change in order to thrive.To this end the Aspen Club needs community support – much as the Aspen Institute and the Aspen Music Festival and School did to implement their visions. Like most Aspenites we do not fit into a box. Under Michael Fox’s leadership the Aspen Club has prospered. The whole point of putting in the timeshares is to raise the money necessary to remodel and update the Club for the natural expansion of current programs and provide on-site housing for participants.This will allow The Aspen Club to become a destination for families and individuals to improve their health, fitness and lifestyles. There are so many new ways to stay healthy and fit and energetic – especially as we age. The Club would also expand its performance center for athletes to train and the injured to heal. I would also like to point out that the only time Michael Fox has said anything about what happens if the club expansion is not approved was when he was asked directly by City Council. He responded that, “The club would not go away tomorrow but at some point, though, it would probably disappear.” That is without the expansion. Ute Avenue is not a residential neighborhood and never has been. It is zoned as rural and has several businesses on it, including The Gant, the Benedict Building (which houses law offices, accountants, dentists, etc.), The Aspen Club & Spa and the Silver Lining Ranch. Not to mention the very popular Ute Trail.Much time and energy and talent has been spent on making the Aspen Club expansion one that positively affects its neighbors and has the support of the vast majority of them. So today, please support the growth of The Aspen Club & Spa, a successful local business that is a great community asset.Morgan WalshOld Snowmass