Support RFTA tax hike |

Support RFTA tax hike

Dear Editor:Please vote in favor of the RFTA ballot item in the November election if you want RFTA to continue the current level of bus service and complete the rail corridor trail. As a member of the MidValley Trails Committee and a daily bus rider from Basalt to Aspen, I support both these goals. Without the passage of a minimal 0.2 percent sales tax increase in Carbondale, Glenwood Springs and Eagle County/Basalt, bus service will have to be cut and a valleywide Rio Grande Trail left incomplete.The bus gives me time to read and decompress going to and from work and lets me leave the car at home in Basalt. That saves pollution and reduces the number of vehicles on Highway 82. Even if you don’t use the bus regularly, keeping the bus service intact makes for fewer vehicles on the road and less traffic congestion for those who choose to drive.Donna GrauerBasalt

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