Support Red Brick art auction |

Support Red Brick art auction

Dear Editor:

On Saturday, June 28, the Red Brick Council for the Arts will have its annual art auction and fundraiser. Festivities start at noon and bidding closes at 3:30 p.m. Viewing and prebidding of art starts June 23. Saturday includes a picnic, art demonstrations and music by the Aspen Music Festival and School and Smuggler Mountain Bluegrass Band.

We ask that you support your local arts council and help it reach its goal of finding a home for the 160 art and business items that have been donated. This auction is affordable for everyone. Funds raised help ArtStart, the kids’ art show; Art Reach, free community workshops; the Red Brick art scholarship program; the summer sculpture garden; and the Red Brick Gallery. The council also manages the Red Brick Center for the Arts for the city of Aspen.

The RBCA would like to thank the following, without whose wonderful generosity this event could not take place: Artists ” Gene Adcock, Elisa Ahmer, Charles Andrade, Mary Ballou, Langford Barksdale, Gail Bartik, Dasa Bausova, Shelly Bogaert, Michael Bonds, Stuart Brafman, Jack Brendlinger, Maggie Butler, K. Rhynus, Suzanne Clarke, Casey Coffman, Judy Cohan, Steven Colby, Sally Cole, Shere Coleman, Catherine Cussaguet, Roger Davis, Erin Dinsmoor, Katalin Domoszlay, Michael Fain, Dick Fallin, Betty Farson, Kate Fisher, Liz Frazier, Royle Freund, Sandie Gardner, Anne Goldberg, Kelly Grant, Janet Grenda, Bill Gruenberg, Cindy Hansen, Mary Eshbaugh Hayes, Lyn Hemley, Judy Hill, Gino Hollander, Kathy Honea, Jennine Hough, Donie Hubbard, Sandra Johnson, Majid Kahhak, Sandra Kaplan, Lauren Kearns, Junee Kirk, Katie Kitchen, Tammie Lane, Joan Leatherbury, Steve Leetch, Nancy Lovendahl, Carol Lowenstern, Peg Malloy, Shelly Safir, Carolyn Manosevitz, Alicia Matesanz de las Heras, Peggy Mink, Diane Moore, Virginia Morrow, Darrell Morrow, Carol Murphy, Patricia Neeb, Brad Reed Nelson, David Notor, Susan Olsen, Mike Otte, Trudi Peet, Michael Raaum, Deborah Rader, Sara Ransford, Doug Rhinehart, Alan Roberts, Annette Roberts-Gray, Melanie Roshko, Jill Sabella, Herb Seymour, Terry Shepherd, Terry Stephenson, Sue Binkley Tatem, J.T. Thompson, Georgeann Waggaman, Betty Weiss, Michael Wisner, Will Young and Amy Zausmer.

Businesses ” Alpine Ace Hardware, Aspen Carriage and Sleigh, Aspen Film, Aspen Golf Course, Aspen Music Festival, Aspen Recreation Department, Basalt Printing and Art Supply, Burr Buster, Gene Taylor Sports, Les Chefs, Lush, Main Street Bakery, Planted Earth, Rocky Mountain Pet Shop, Romeo Cakes, Strange Imports, Suitable for Framing, Theatre Aspen, Town Center Booksellers, Aspen Writers’ Foundation, Wyly Art Center, Explore, Yampah Spa, Doncaster Clothing, Lazure Wall Design, Judy Cohan Jewelry, Dinah Kinsman Jewelry, Cathers Home, Takah Sushi, Grateful Deli, Mystique Salon, Cantina, Misstyx and Stefan Kaelin.

Volunteers ” Maggie Butler, Betty Weiss, Dave Notor, Judy Cohan, Jeannine Hough, Lou Muzikar, Shelly Safir, Rosie Wettstein, Carrie, Georgean Waggaman, Greg Tonozzi, Michael Bonds, Chere Bryce Maple and Martha Madsen.

Food and beverages for the event have been donated by European Caterers, Back Door Catering, Snowmass Catering, Grape and Grain and Main Street Spirits in Carbondale.

See you Saturday.

Debra Muzikar

Executive Director, Red Brick Council for the Arts