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Support our schools

Dear Editor:

I appreciated Roger Marolt’s recent column regarding the upcoming election. I, too, beg everyone to vote for Issue 2B! The Aspen School District has cut more than $2 million in the past four years. By 2016, an additional $2.5 million in cuts is projected. And there is nothing left for our schools to cut!

What does this mean? If Issue 2B does not pass, then the Aspen public schools could risk losing the college counseling department, the International Baccalaureate diploma program, transportation (think yellow buses!) and athletics. Imagine the unimaginable: Friday nights without football games, increased class sizes and no experiential education. I seriously doubt that our high school would still be considered the best in Colorado.

Issue 2B would mean that if you spent $1,000 a month at the Aspen City Market on groceries, $3 would go to support our schools. The best part is that a large portion of that tax revenue would come from tourists.

We need Issue 2B to pass. Parents and grandparents, vote for your families. Everyone else, know that subpar schools would affect the value of your real estate. Or just vote “yes” out of the goodness of your heart.

Like Roger, I beg you to vote “yes” on Issue 2B. The education of our valley’s children depends upon it.

Kris Ferguson

Snowmass Village

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