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Support our great hospital

I felt it my responsibility to get a message out to our community, and patients whom we serve, regarding the quality of care and service provided at Aspen Valley Hospital in the operating room setting.

I have been working at Aspen Valley Hospital for nearly five years, managing multiple cost centers, including the operating rooms. I feel personally and professionally accountable to provide you detailed facts regarding the quality of care at our facility.

I have absolutely no standard except the highest standard for any patient who receives care in our hospital and my departments specifically. I personally monitor this at all times by numerous processes.

The care that we provide our patients is compassionate, personal, detailed and of the highest professional excellence. Our nurses in the OR have, on the average, 15-20 years experience or more, and maintain the highest commitment to ongoing professional training.

Our surgeons are some of the best in the entire country. I know because I have over 25 years experience in other hospitals. We have access to the best equipment available and the most current technology in care of the surgical patient.

The AVH administration and board have always been supportive of the operating room environment and allow me to articulate necessary updates appropriately. The Aspen Valley Medical Foundation partners with us continuously to assist our planning and vision of future needs and goals.

We look forward, as any health care institution does, to making ongoing improvements in our institution. The reason for this is our dedication to this community and every patient that enters into our care.

There is no care that is “substandard” for any patient coming to Aspen Valley Hospital and specifically to the operating room setting. I am disappointed that our media and others do not relate an accurate and credible impression of us to our public.

I am the person who can tell you about Aspen Valley Hospital and your care or if you choose us for your needs. Do not hesitate to contact me personally at any time, for any question or information.

We at AVH exist to serve you, and we need your support and dedication to work with us to grow our facility, expand our structural needs, and proceed together toward a future of health care for this community that is our mutual and shared vision.

We hear from many of you who have received care here and know the job that we do. I want to be sure that any of you who are not informed also know who we are at AVH. I ask your support for our hospital.

Barrie Harms

Director, perioperative services

Aspen Valley Hospital


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