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Support local musicians

Dear Editor:

The Aspen ski areas in the past have supported and spawned several well-known bands, including John Denver, the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, the Flying Dawg, Heart of the Rockies, etc.

In the ’70s, Aspen Highlands had a bar with a large dance floor with live bands at the base. At Snowmass, everyone loved the old Timbermill bar and grill, which had a huge wooden dance floor and could accommodate hundreds. Skiers loved to come in from skiing to hear a five-piece or larger band, socialize and dance Apres-ski.

The location of the Timbermill was the perfect location, at the mall, where everyone came in off the hill. With the larger venue, the Timbermill could afford to employ larger bands. When the Timbermill was downsized and became the Cirque, it just was not the same. And when the Cirque became the Venga Venga, live music became infrequent, and usually just one-man bands.

One of my favorite talents, the Heart of the Rockies band (recently renamed the Timbermill band), used to play Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons at either the Silvertree Hotel and/or the Wildwood Lodge. With the acquisition of the Silvertree Hotel to become a Westin Hotel, the Timbermill band is left in limbo whether it has a place to perform.

Please support this band and other musicians. Many of the local band members have been forced to move away or take smaller jobs downvalley to make ends meet. Please let the Westin management and the Snowmass Village council members know that you appreciate the local musicians and that they are a major reason you return to Aspen-Snowmass Village.

Jim May

Lake Jackson, Texas

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