Support local artists

Dear Editor:

Our community has long been blessed with the generosity and hard work of local artists who meet the artistic needs of our valley. Think of all the musicians who frequently offer gratis performances for benefits to raise money for Aspen folk with medical needs. Then there are all the local charities that also raise money through the efforts of our local artists volunteering their services.

Now one of our own art groups needs to raise funds – funds to actually do public service. The Hudson Reed Ensemble is the group that each summer performs Shakespeare in the Park for free. This is the same group that offers our local schools talent and curriculum for introducing Shakespeare in our classrooms.

Well, now you can give back while at the same time having a great time. The Hudson Reed Ensemble is producing “Melange,” a musical show of jazz, pop and country, along with some delicious snippets from the Bard. Yes, many of your favorites will be performing, including Bobby Mason, Dan Sadowsky, Franz Alderfer, Sarah Stevens and more.

Come, enjoy and feel virtuous on April 5 at 7:30 p.m. at the Aspen Community Church. You can feel virtuous by shelling out $25 at the door or get $5 off with advance reservations through

I love chances to give back, especially in those rare opportunities where I’m entertained while doing the giving.

Jerry Alpern