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Dear Editor:

I am writing in support of the Hidden Gems wilderness proposal. Having been a small part of exploring and identifying appropriate locations for wilderness consideration, I know how hard the campaign has worked for years on the White River National Forest and adjacent Bureau of Land Management areas. The focus areas of much of the campaign, mid-level areas critical to wildlife, are less spectacular than the high mountain areas like the Maroon Bells Wilderness, but equally important. With your support, the campaign will get an important boost towards protecting areas against logging, mining, gas extraction, road building and other development.

Untrammeled open spaces are at the heart of Aspen’s soul. Protected against development, they will draw people here, inform and nourish them, perhaps even make them good stewards of the planet. What could be better than to hike, raft, kayak or horseback ride where wild animals are as important as humans, where a far gaze can see no sign of man’s handiwork?

I urge you to get informed about the proposal. Go to their website, for maps, area descriptions and especially guided hikes. What a great opportunity to fall in love with an area that you don’t know but needs your strong support. Please help convince our county commissioners and congressmen that the campaign needs their support.

Peter Looram


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