Support healthy rivers and streams |

Support healthy rivers and streams

Dear Editor:

One of the proven methods for protecting instream flows in our local rivers is to create recreation instream flow rights through the creation of whitewater parks. Referendum 1A can be a major funding source for creating these whitewater parks in Pitkin County.

Right now the same engineer who created the awesome Glenwood Springs Whitewater Park is working with Pitkin County to determine the feasibility of a whitewater park just south of Basalt. This is exciting! Not only will this potentially create a great recreational resource, but will allow Pitkin County to secure instream flows to keep water flowing in areas that experience really low flows in late summer and fall. This will benefit people and the fish. If you’re living in Pitkin County please vote for 1A.

Gary Tennenbaum

Basalt Town councilman


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