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Support Gail Schwartz

Dear Editor:State Sen. Gail Schwartz’s hard-fought and hard-won gains to create jobs and improve education shows that determined leadership and sound judgment can pay off in the legislative process.They also highlight the importance of dedicated lawmakers like Sen. Schwartz. Her vehement campaign over the past two years for the new energy economy has attracted millions of dollars of investment capital to Colorado, and her tireless effort to improve education has helped fund millions of dollars worth of new schools across the state – many in our district.During her time in the state Senate, Schwartz has worked with a focus on problem-solving rather than on politics. Her leadership there warranted appointments to the Colorado Tourism Board, Senate Agriculture & Natural Resource Committee, and the Department of Education. All good things to help keep our distinct corner of Colorado healthy, green and smart. Vote for Gail Schwartz Nov. 2.Steven SkadronAspen

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