Support for Wheeler expansion |

Support for Wheeler expansion

Dear Editor:

Greetings and apologies to all from Telluride where I am hard at work on the Film Festival. I just want to state my absolute support for an addition to the Wheeler Opera House.

A few of you may remember that I’ve been involved in film at the Wheeler since 1972. Back then I’d do a “festival of films” every summer in which a different movie played every night. In about 1990 I decided to make an effort to start a dialog on expansion of the Wheeler onto the adjoining lots which had been purchased for just that purpose. It was obvious at least to me even back then that there was a need for additional performance and even convention space in Aspen. It isn’t just the summer bonanza of creative arts that need room, it’s also a lack of appropriate space. Does a lecture need 500 seats? The Wheeler looks empty with 100 people filling seats.

There is much more to be said and I’ve thought about it for many years. It is almost unheard of where the arts are funded to such a level that facilities can be funded with cash. I urge everyone to support expansion of the Wheeler Opera House.

Jon Busch