Support for victims of domestic abuse |

Support for victims of domestic abuse

Dear Editor:

Thank you for printing the guest opinion of Jill Gruenberg on Wednesday, (“When domestic violence kills,” The Aspen Times), as it has inspired me to write this response.

This week, I met with my longtime counselor, who was gratefully available on a moment’s notice. I do not mind openly sharing that last week’s tragic homicide-suicide at Missouri Heights was one of the main reasons I needed counseling right away. During therapy, I shared that I felt I had the “it-could-have-been-me” syndrome.

It’s a small valley, and, although I did not think I knew this longtime local family, it turns out I did.

My heart goes out to the daughter who was left behind. But it also goes out to the many women and daughters (not to mention men and sons and the elderly) who suffer abuse at the hands of one they love and keep quiet about it; my heart even goes out to all who suffer from hearing this type of news in this valley and beyond.

I hope this personal response encourages others subjected to domestic violence to at least report it to law enforcement.

We here are lucky to have in the valley, not to mention peace officers with compassion who are well trained in listening and de-escalating potentially deadly crimes of passion, putting their own lives on the line. Amen.

Thank you.

Leianne F. Wright

Pitkin County

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