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Support for superintendent

Dear Editor:I have been following with interest the continuing saga of Mr. Benson and his resignation from the position of head coach of the Aspen football team. To resign from the position was his choice. He was not fired. He was offered the opportunity to be mentored by one of the most successful, decorated football coaches in the state. He refused this opportunity. This would have been a win-win opportunity for all involved – for the coach and especially for the players.The educators at the Aspen School District talk about being a community of learners. We bring in individuals to mentor all the time. We pay for staff development. Mr. Benson could have had the opportunity to learn from an individual with over 30 years coaching experience, and the football players would have had the opportunity of working with an experienced individual. He would have become a better coach and the players would have had the chance to be coached by an individual with years of experience working with kids as both an educator and as a coach.I am tired of this becoming a personal attack against our superintendent. We have numerous instances of individuals related to each other working in the district. Tom Farrell’s wife was a full-time paid employee of the district. We have numerous examples of spouses working in our school district. Michael Sirko would not have been working under the direct supervision of his wife. To say or imply that this is nepotism is ludicrous. Dr. Sirko did not make the decision to talk with Mr. Benson on her own but with both the high school principal and athletic director. He could have come back to them after thinking about their proposal and discussed his options but chose, instead, to resign. Why has this just become about Dr. Sirko?Dr. Sirko has always filtered all decisions made for every student in the district through the question of what is in the best interest of the kids. I wish that all the teachers would start doing this. Too many individuals have lost sight of what this is really about – the kids. It is unfortunate that Mr. Benson let his immaturity and ego get in the way of making the decision that was in the best interest of the present and future football program in the district. It’s too bad that a group of teachers have lost sight of the bigger picture – what is in the best interest of every student and not just what is in the best interest of one teacher’s husband. Would this be such a big deal if he wasn’t married to one of the high school teachers? I wonder.I agree with John Ward (Letters to the Editor, Dec. 16) and feel that this could have been a great opportunity for the football team at Aspen and for Travis Benson. It would be in the best interest of all involved if Mr. Benson reconsidered his resignation and took advantage of the opportunity offered by Charlie Anastas, Carol Sams and Dr. Sirko. I would be surprised if Michael Sirko would still be willing to mentor anybody in this community after the response his very generous offer was met with.Roxanne WillskyAspen

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