Support for Stirling |

Support for Stirling

Dear Editor:

As one of the many supporters of Barbara Stirling, I feel it is important to speak out about people with true integrity, professionalism in the job, kindness and responsibility to the patients and doctors and the people they serve.

How lucky was my family to have someone like Barbara Stirling support my 80-year-old father through the process of finding cancer, chemotherapy, remission, then reappearance of the cancer and supporting him and our family through the end of his life. I can not think of anyone who is more loving, sharing or that supports the rights of those who come within the purview of the Aspen Valley Hospital.

Through my experience with my father’s death and how Aspen Valley Hospital treated us as a family who had someone supported by Medicare and into hospice, I was appalled. The only people who came to our aid and support during my father’s final days were the nursing staff and the group from the cancer center, Dr. Riveria, Tina Staley, but mainly Barbara Stirling, who came and supported us and helped us through the experience of hospice. Shame on Aspen Valley Hospital for firing such a great individual. I can only hope that my children find the kindness, intelligence and integrity that this woman has shown throughout her career.

It makes you think that perhaps Barbara was too much of a patient advocate and that the hospital does not want the staff that supports those patients that expressly need such care. The hospital wants more administrative people that check you in, take your money if you have it, and do not give you the information if you don’t. The hospital works hard at getting a Medicare patient out of the hospital as fast as possible, as it does not make them money. Thank God for those in the hospital that continue to look at hospital care as a responsibility to the patient and not totally to the bottom line.

As a community, we need to question the hospital’s motives in letting a person like Barbara disappear from the great need in this valley.

I can only hope that they reconsider their options and realize their mistake.

The Houston family stands in strength for Barbara and what she has done for her patients and this community.

Heidi Houston


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