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Support energy efforts

Dear Editor:

Ken Neubecker, in a guest commentary in the Aspen Daily News on Monday, stated, “I’m told that people in Aspen don’t care about Castle and Maroon creeks.”

Well, Mr. Neubecker, as an independent resident of Aspen for renewable energy, I care about Aspen and about the planet. And there are many more of us “old-timers” and local Aspenites who are also residents of Aspen who support renewable energy. I disagree with your premise or statement that “we older folks have caused the problem.” Certainly all of us, old and young alike, are to be held accountable for our daily “lifestyle” actions that indirectly affect climate change. Just by writing this letter, I have consumed electrical energy and contributed toward coal-fired carbon dioxide emissions. I should have used a pencil and tablet instead of a computer.

As responsible citizens, we all need to consider our “lifestyle” and take such actions as necessary to reduce our effect on global warming. We all must think globally and act locally. When we turn on a light, drive a car, turn on the television, step on the gas or just breathe, we contribute to global warming. Pogo is right! We are the enemy! So turn off the lights, turn down the thermostat, don’t drive a vehicle unless necessary, ski less this winter, and turn off the television. Think about your actions and how they affect climate change!

The city of Aspen’s attempt to restore clean and renewable hydroelectric generation on Castle Creek must be commended rather than criticized, and we should support its endeavors to protect the environment and our historical water rights on Castle and Maroon creeks. As a former operator of the old Castle Creek powerhouse, I can state with certainty that we never denigrated the streams, and some of the best fishing around was at the Thomas Reservoir and the “tailrace” of the historic Castle Creek powerhouse. So as an independent resident of Aspen for renewable energy, I’m voting “yes” for clean, renewable energy, and I hope all of Aspen’s residents will, too.

Jim Markalunas


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