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Support after-school programs

Dear Editor:

A special thank you and recognition to the Carbondale Town Council, Garfield County commissioners and Access Roaring Fork, a local nonprofit for after-school programs, for their generous investment in our children’s safety and future success.

Their generosity and hard work has enabled more than 200 children throughout the valley not involved in school sports or other clubs to engage in a safe and energetic after-school program with a variety of stimulating activities. The goal of this program is to be available to all children at an affordable cost, excluding no one.

I believe “it takes a village to raise a child,” and that it is the responsibility of a community – to not only provide an excellent education, but also to create and provide various safe avenues for a child to excel. Access Roaring Fork engages professionals and community members to volunteer their time and share their various expertise with the children. Our return, as a community, is a safer and more vibrant community.

Access Roaring Fork Foundation has a passion for this cause and commitment for each school to have a sustainable after-school program. As a community, this can be accomplished by encouraging our local governments to acknowledge, financially support and help secure our valley’s future growth of after-school programs, sending the message of self-worth and achievement to our children. Now is the time for action! Please help us with this effort by contacting your local Town Council, through e-mail, letters or writing for the sustainability of these programs!

Look for our spring 2010 fundraiser “Celebrity Serve.” See you there!

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Stephanie Scavullo


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