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Support a Star

Dear Editor:

Today I heard that there are 24 more young people living with cancer who wish to join the Shining Stars ski camp for the week of March 14-21. This letter is to seek out philanthropists who might help financially.

Everyday is potentially our last day (true for each and every one of us).

When a family receives the devastating news that their child has cancer, mortality stands in the foreground. Suddenly “now” is all there is. Reflection becomes all that remains if treatments are not successful. Parents who have lost their children to cancer know how important it is to make every moment that’s left as beautiful as life can allow. When we recognize the temporary nature of our own lives, we realize that material ownership is secondary to our need to participate in some deeply meaningful way. Please share with those who could use help now to bring a week of play into their lives while they fight for their lives.

Tax deductible contributions may be sent to: Shining Stars Foundation, P.O. Box 1308, Aspen, CO 81612. It costs $1,250 to sponsor one shining star for the week.

Thank you.

Lisa Hokkanen



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