Superwoman or super slick? |

Superwoman or super slick?

Dear Editor:

As I watched Sarah Palin’s convention speech, the thought went through me: Gary Hubbell’s gonna love this woman. When I read his Angry White Man Palin-worshipping column in the Sept. 7 Times Weekly, I felt I had already composed it in my head.

Palin promoted the “Bridge to Nowhere” when she campaigned for governor in 2006, and only turned against it when it became nationally notorious. Palin boasts she is against earmarking, but Wasilla pulled in just under $27 million in earmarks when she was mayor, using indicted Sen. Ted Stevens’ former chief-of-staff as lobbyist. Palin is going to bring honesty to Washington, even as she is being investigated for abuse of power by an independent investigator appointed by members of both parties; after promising to cooperate with the investigation, she is now refusing to testify.

What a superwoman! Palin can dress out a moose and lie like a politician.

Bruce Berger


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