Superintendent search presents opportunity |

Superintendent search presents opportunity

Dear Editor: I want to extend my thanks to the Re-1 school board for initiating the recent community focus groups.Certainly the easiest way for the school board members to select the next superintendent would be to make the decision on their own, behind closed doors. I appreciate school board members’ decision to seek widespread community input into this decision instead. I also appreciate their understanding that conducting a national search is essential to gaining the community’s confidence in the selection process and assuring the community that the best possible candidate will be selected.I’m optimistic that the school board will continue to build on this positive momentum by initiating a “transparent” selection process – one in which the public is informed of the various steps involved in the process, as well as the reasoning behind each decision that is made.The selection of the next superintendent presents us with a tremendous opportunity in terms of building community trust in the district administration and community support for our schools. I hope we can all work together to make the most of this opportunity. Debbie BruellCarbondale

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