Superintendent easily swayed by parents |

Superintendent easily swayed by parents

Dear Editor:

Well, I guess that if we got 30 parents to express interest in going barefoot to school for the month of December, Ms. Haptonstall would make that happen! How absurd to have 30 parents rule the school district! According to my calculator (checked twice), the 30 families represent .006 percent of the total population of 5,000 students!

Ms. H has now made this a political issue by releasing this news, the day after the event, but then she didna€™t have time to read any of the Department of Education material a€” or even read a pre-speech update. Communication is difficult from Glenwood to Carbondale and Basalt! And why did she tell the district after the fact … afraid of dealing with more than .006 percent of the population? A great P.R. stunt, I must say!

Now that this speech is history … this was a lot of smoke from the conservatives … and Ms. H fell hook line and sinker with .006 percent of the population! She has shown her colors. And why would any president address students with words and concepts that would incite? Certainly the other presidents didna€™t, and they were the ones looking for weapons of mass destruction, got us into the Afghan war and this economic mess.

Imagine what we could get the district to do if 90 parents contacted Ms. H. Maybe not teach for the CSAP results?

And where is the leadership of the Board of Education?

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Leary Oa€™Gorman


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