Sunny disposition |

Sunny disposition

Aspen Times Staff Report

If you spent yesterday sunbathing and sipping beer on the abbreviated deck of the Sundeck, or flying strafing runs down Ruthie’s or Spar, or fleshing out slush bumps on sunny aspects, chances are you had a good day on Ajax.

If you managed to do all three, chances are you’re back at it again today. And why not?

The weekend crowd receded Monday (when did the Hollywood set here for Comedy Fest start skiing, by the way?), giving way to open slopes, ski-in lift lines and snow that ran the spectrum ” good, better, best.

Sticking to the cruisers after a week of hounding pow, one of our field testers led a tourist, his brother, down all of Ajax’s high-speed test pieces. Given that conditions bordered on the most forgiving hero snow said field tester has ever laid into, said brother had no trouble keeping up. “Let’s do that one again.”

Do it again was the mantra of another On the Hill correspondent ” one who makes it up the hill just about every day ” who spent her time on the Face of Bell and in the dumps.

The conditions on Bell Mountain, which gets the afternoon sun, were crunchy but leaning toward soft. Meanwhile, across Spar Gulch, the sun-baked dumps were mostly soft with a few hard spots in the shade.

All in all, it was a nearly perfect day to be skiing. Especially for anyone seeking the sunny disposition of spring.

The temperature on the thermometer at the gondola read a balmy 63 degrees at about 2:45 p.m. yesterday. At the same time, Yahoo’s online weather report said the temp was 51 degrees. Either way, yesterday qualifies as the first bona fide spring skiing day of the season.

And with bases ranging from 50 inches at Buttermilk to 78 at Aspen Highlands, the warmth of spring is welcome.