Sunday sales supported |

Sunday sales supported

Dear Editor:

As president of the Distilled Spirits Council, I would like to respond to your Nov. 29 article on Sunday liquor sales and address concerns raised by some retailers who fear that Sunday openings will just spread six days worth of sales over seven days. While their concern is understandable, the facts are clear. According to an analysis of the 12 most recent states to allow Sunday sales, retailers have enjoyed an average increase of 9 percent new sales.

In fact, in Colorado year-round Sunday sales of distilled spirits would lead to an estimated retailer revenue impact range of $23 to $32 million and between $1.8 and $2.6 million for the state in additional sales tax revenue. This is particularly important to retailers and consumers in areas of high tourism.

It is important to note that any legislation permitting Sunday spirits sales would not force retailers to do business on Sunday. It would simply give them the option to open. At the same time, it will bring added convenience to adult consumers in a modern economy where Sunday has become the second busiest shopping day.

Peter Cressy, president

Distilled Spirits Council

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